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The perfect gift for Father’s Day

Dads can be hard to shop for. They’re easy-going and never seem to want anything! It makes shopping for Father’s Day presents that much harder...especially when it’s last minute!

Whiskey Glasses

father-s day gift

Why not treat dad with a beautiful set of glasses? The Waterford sets come in all shapes and sizes (depending on what his choice of poison is). Dad will absolutely love these... plus he can think of you every time he uses them! Whether you’re after a decanter or a singular scotch glass- this collection is timeless and iconic.

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Tic Toc Toe Set

Bring back some memories? How many times did you play Tic Toc Toe with dad...better question, how many times did he let you win? This brass set can sit nicely on his office shelf or work desk. The grooved marble is stunning, and like dad, the brass pieces get better with age.


Cocktail Cart

If you’ve already bought dad a nice bottle of whiskey or special glassware on previous occasions, why trump it with a luxurious bar cart! Whether he wants to move keep it in his office, or have it in the dining room, it’s a beautiful look that when stocked correctly can be a feature! Plus you can tell him to keep it nice and stocked up for whenever you pop over for a visit! He’ll be sure to brag to his friends about this one.


Ceramic coffee (or whiskey) cups

Pick out a stunning ceramic. They look like art pieces on their own and are designed in Australia! Maybe you’ve been trying to get him on the keep-cup train? There are plenty of unique options and thoughtful ideas that can help dad enjoy his morning tipple.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 12.47.28 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 12.47.10 pm.png

1 - Ceramic Whiskey Cup - Raven
2 - Blend Takeaway Cup
3 - Porcelain Milky Way Mug

New Office Chair

Treat dad to a home-office upgrade! A lot of us have been working from home at our kitchen bench, or table. An office chair does wonders, and you know it will be used!

1 - About a Chair
2 - Kartell Spoon Chair
3 - Aeron Chair Remastered

Plant Babies

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful (easy to maintain) plant! In fact, you can go the extra mile, and get dad a monthly plant delivery subscription! Something to brighten up his office space, and liven up the atmosphere just like you do! Our shortlist will deliver them straight to the house!

No matter what you get, it’s always the thought that counts, but may as well get something that he’ll enjoy! If you want to read how to bring travel into your home, click here.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there,

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