Room Two - Mid Century Inner West Dweller

Inspiration: Boho Scandinavian
Designer: Lisanne
Budget: $30,000
Collaborators: Catapult, Garden Life, Totem Road, Luumo Design, Amigos De Hoy, Viabizzuno, Art Hide, Hay

At inCollective, our designers are as diverse as the interiors we create. For our recent ‘One Room, Three Ways’ project, a collaboration between local designers and suppliers, we tasked Dutch designer Lisanne with creating a space on a medium budget. Scandinavian style is perfectly suited to medium level budgets, where functionality doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. We sat down for a chat with Lisanne to find out what inspires her and how Scandinavian style is becoming more popular on the Australian design scene.


What is your design background, and how did that lend itself to the creation of this room?

I am designer from the Netherlands, experienced in Scandinavian and Hygge styling. I have been in Australia for 6 months now and am thoroughly enjoying exploring the Australian interior design scene and bringing my own flavour to projects. For this room, I drew upon both Dutch and Australian design styles. I love Scandinavian design and we don’t see it a lot in Australia. In Europe, we can’t live without this great style of interior. We see it everywhere. So, I decided to bring a little bit of the Netherlands into this Australian space.


Can you explain the concept behind this room, and how you were inspired?

My inspiration for this room came from the desire to increase the profile of Scandinavian style in the Australian design scene. The way I approach any new project is to be inspired by the feeling of a room, because the most important thing is the way you feel in a space. That’s the thing I like to play with. This room needed a cosy, yet lively feeling. I wanted to create a room that gives you energy, but at the same time is a place to relax. Energy to work, to undertake some personal goals and to be productive. Then when work is done, the space can be a place to read a book, or entertain friends and family. 

The base of Scandinavian style is white, wood and other warm materials. I used this as my foundation, then mixed Scandinavian pieces with modern Australian design concepts, accessories from Hay and the greenery from Garden Life. The brands I have chosen are a perfect match with this style of design, which I think is going to grow over the next few years, much as it did in the Netherlands.


This was a collaborative project. Which suppliers and artists did you work with to create your room?

To create a space that both inspired work and relaxation, I needed a mix of functional pieces and playful items. Some pieces were a must-have for this room, like Luumo’s rattan egg chair, designed by Dutch company HK Living. When I entered the Luumo store for the first time I fell in love. They have a great selection of furniture and accessories! I used the One Step Up bookcase by Normann Copenhagen, the Turning Table and some great accessories like the Icelandic sheepskin and baskets. The grounding pieces were the couch from Catapult and the marble table & mirror from Totem Road. Exquisite lighting, very high-end and modern from Viabizzuno. I especially love the Roy floor lamp.


To add that personal flair and bring warmth to the space, I found the Harlequin Hide from Art Hide, a perfect piece with the graphic print on the cowhide. My favorite accessory is from Amigos de Hoy, the decorative tambourine which you can see on the fireplace. To complete the feeling of this room I used a selection of plants from Garden Life. The overall effect is a space where you can feel energised to work, then relax with your favourite book at the end of the day.


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