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Inspiration: Eclectic Lifestyle
Designer: Anya
Budget: $40,000
Collaborators: Catapult, Garden Life, Dave Bottrell, Luumo Design, Amigos De Hoy, Viabizzuno, Hay

The sky is the limit when working with bigger budgets. Our designers are experts at creating luxury spaces that reflect your personal style. For our ‘One Room, Three Ways’ project, a collaboration between local designers and suppliers, Anya worked with a larger budget to create a lavish, modern interior reflecting the Inner-City Lifestyle using her favourite artisans and makers.


What is your design background, and how did that lend itself to the creation of this room?

I’ve been designing and working with private clients for the last 6 years. Usually I draw out inspiration and the building blocks of a style from my clients. When designing a room, my philosophy is to always listen to the occupants, rather than steering them toward any specific style or theme. For this project, I didn't have a client to draw inspiration from, so I chose to use my favourite pieces. And my favourite pieces so happen to come mostly from Australian designers.

Can you explain the concept behind this room, and how you were inspired?

The room was designed to reflect an Inner-City living style. Or what a typical apartment in Darlinghurst can look like. With high-end interiors like this, your home reflects your lifestyle. I wanted to show this in my room by collaborating with local Australian makers and creating a room that you can see yourself living in.

I kept the space within a cool and glam palette. I knew I wanted to add a touch drama with a custom set of deep navy drapes and the rest of the room styled around artwork from a talented local artist here in Darlinghurst, David Bottrell. I'm a huge fan of his work! He uses landscapes as his inspiration, and I love the fact that he has a very collaborative working style. You can literally give him a colour palette or scheme as a guide, and he will just create this amazing piece from scratch which fits perfectly into the space.


This was a collaborative project. Which suppliers and artists did you work with to create your room?

I love using Australian designs in my work. We have so many brilliant, talented makers and creators here that are underexposed. In that way, being directed by passions rather than precision, the finished result is a fairly bold and eclectic room. I kept it balanced with some modern pieces from Catapult, like their beautiful MOD shelving unit and Geo & Sine marble side tables. I love their products, everything customisable. I mean, everything. Also complementing this style were the gorgeous planters on wire stands from Claire at Luumo. She is wonderful and just super helpful! In fact, the gorgeous black ladder on which I hung the Australian made-recycled wool throw is also from Luumo.


All the plants for my room were strategically selected from Garden Life as I wanted to add an element of urban masculinity, without compromising on the luxury feel of the room. A ton of leafy, meaty darker plants help to create an eclectic urban feel. It’s a typical room you would see around these suburbs, Darlinghurst & Surry Hills.

The Attila garden stool was such a fun and unassuming piece by Philippe Starck of Space Furniture. It was just a nice touch by the fire-place to house a plant, or to rest a glass of Malbec or whiskey, while listening to some great tunes. It's a bit tongue in cheek, but you've got to enjoy the space you have.

What really gives the room its ambience and finished gloss is the gorgeous floor lamp from Viabizzuno. It’s so luxurious yet totally unassuming, and I get so excited just to switch it on. If I had it at home I wouldn’t be able to wait until dusk to use it, it is simply that divine.


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