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Refresh your space for Summer this long weekend

It’s the long weekend! What are your plans? If your plan is to stay in, it’s the perfect time to do some redecorating to get ready for Summer. Here are a few simple tips for breathing new life into your home this long weekend.

Fancy a trip to the gallery 

Take advantage of the long weekend and make the time to create that gallery wall which you’ve been putting off. We’ve written a blog post here on how to achieve a cool, no fuss gallery wall with our expert advice. 

inCollective Gallery Wall

Create peace with just one piece

Don’t stress about coordinating an enormous change all at once. Rather, buy just one beautiful piece you love. Acquiring one or two quality pieces each year won’t break your budget, and creates more character over time than an all-at-once overhaul. After all, the best design is the one that reflects your personal style.

Creating an eclectic mix can pull any room together: try blending an antique couch with modern art prints, and blend every space with personal touches. Of course, eclectic does not mean "anything goes” there is a fine line to follow. A room can look more kitsch than cool, so take care to not get carried away.

Get a new handle on house decoration

One often overlooked tip to instantly update your space: Change out your old hardware. Use an afternoon to unscrew and upgrade the handles on your wardrobe, dresser drawers or kitchen cupboards to achieve a new look in an instant for all your existing pieces.

Ikea Door Handles Redecorating

Make your space more inviting with lighting

Another great and cost effective way to change the dynamics of a room is to introduce a new lighting fixture. You can find the lights we love here, here, here and here. For more luxurious light, spend some time shopping for candles like this to bring ambience to those hot evenings outside. Opt for a variety of volumes, sizes and shapes. A large, translucent holder throws a gorgeous glow while guarding the flame from the wind. Why not paint your decorative fireplace this long weekend and fill it with a stunning variety of pillar candles? Use a beautiful base on a couple of them to polish the look and invigorate the vignette.

inCollective Interior Design

It's not quite a floorplan, but...

Spend a morning shopping for a well sized rug which your furniture fits in comfortably. Introducing a rug to a room is an easy way to anchor your furniture and separate your spaces. Also, the bigger the area of the rug, the bigger the room will feel. At the same time, remember it is a rug and not the carpet; don’t lay it from wall to wall. Right now we love rugs like this, this and this.

Mirror Interior Decoration

Get a second chance for a good first impression

Give your home a fabulous first impression by refreshing your front entry hall. The entrance is the face of your home, and giving it a makeover is as easy as introducing a mirror and a few pieces that give guests a glimpse of the rest of your home. We love these mirrors here, here, here and here.

Take it to the table

Our simplest design tip is to change your coffee table decor. Start with something large in the middle, like a bold vase with fresh flowers from Bondi Markets. Then from there, add a couple of eye-catching books, a Voluspa candle and some nostalgic pieces to match your current mood.

Coffe Table Decor

Change with the seasons

Just like your clothes, change the covers on your decorative cushions with the warmer weather. Swap the thicker, deeper shades of winter for the bolder patterns and lighter shades of summer. Fold your fur throws for the cupboard, and bring out lighter throws for your lounge room. Along with your cushions, update your draperies with the sunnier shades of Summer. We love these, these and these. Along with your couch, consider breaking out some lighter linens for your bedroom. Switching to slim curtains can keep the summer sun from interrupting your sleep-ins while matching the warmer mood. Be sure to include calming colours in your design: gentle shades of green and lavender to relax your senses to sleep.

It's easy being green

And, as always, add greenery to produce fresh air and positive energy in your interiors. Houseplants are a smart, sustainable piece to bring peace to your space. Invest in an attractive oasis of wellbeing: mix plants and flower decoration with different heights and textures. Play around with pots like this and introduce stands like these two with a few thicker, bushier plants. Consider a crafty afternoon painting your existing pots with simple shapes and patterns. Geometric designs are very hot right now, and we love this, this, this and this.

inCollective Interior Design Long Weekend Tips

Of course, if you’re unsure of how to freshen your home this long weekend, a free consultation with one of our interior decorators this weekend could give you more tips to create a tidy, attractive space just in time for Summer.


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