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Celebrating Summer - Outdoors

Summer is officially over, and now is the time embrace the sunshine and dine in your garden with good friends and family. These final days of the season call for fine food in a sun-lit setting, so use these tips to set a table in the sunshine for a classic garden get-together. Even if space is limited, you can still use these tips to bring the outdoors inside.

Best Table Decorating Tips

Place The Mat

If you want a simple way to make a Summer meal memorable, plant leaves make the perfect place-mats. The large leaves of the gorgeous Philodendron make for a bold table-piece, working best with pastel-coloured plates, such as these from Batch# mixed with seasonal Spanish glassware from Cravewares. If you can’t source Philodendron from your own garden, your local florist may be able to contribute a couple of loose leaves.



Bring The Rug

For setting a space outdoors, feel free to bring a touch of home to the table. Cushions on chairs, rugs on benches and mirrors hung in hedges can make a meal more comfortable. As well as being a major staple of style this Spring, bringing the indoors outside will affix elements of your unique identity to your entertaining space.

Figure The Centre-Piece

If you can’t be bothered with a bouquet of fresh flowers, an equally striking centre-piece can be made with a tasteful display of empty vases, Terrariums or oversized candles. Anything that you have got handy really. Alternate height evenly, and remember that an odd number of display pieces works better than an even number.

Pick The Colour Palette

To pick the colour palette you want to work with, begin with the natural colour scheme of your garden decoration or indoor plants. The deep greens of Summer work best with white ceramic crockery on a contrasting wooden table-top. If you’re working with an array of brightly coloured blooms, use patterned pastel tableware to complement the vibrant tones.

The emotion of Summer’s end can be captured through simple patterns of polka-dots and pin-stripes. Bring these tidy designs to your table through cloth serviettes and a simple runner, bearing in mind they work well with shades of white and yellow.


Check The Lighting

If you’re entertaining a large group in the evening, evoke the feeling of fireflies with eye-pleasing overhead lighting. For a more intimate feeling, surround the space with citronella candles to keep mosquitoes from spoiling your Summer feast.


We hope these simple tips bring the best of Summer to your table as you entertain guests while farewelling the season. Otherwise, an hour or two with one of our expert designers can evoke the spirit of any season in any space.



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