General info - ‘The Gist’

Q. What is inCollective?

inCollective is a full scope interior design and styling service. We do the works. From inception to hands on implementation, no matter the size of the project. We are a start-up that is here to deconstruct traditional interior design and make it easy, efficient and accessible to everyone.

Q. How does it benefit me?

In-the-know. Through working with us you are entering the in-the-know of the industry. Access to all in-house team of interior designers and stylists, whom have been selected from country's most distinguished firms and design schools. Our designers bring unparalleled level of expertise, technical skill and an educated eye to every project.
The Network. Each designer at inCollective comes with their own list of tried and reliable contacts. Our clients gain access to our little black book of trusted professionals. A distilled list of the best contractors, excellent craftsmen and your local makers.
No mark ups = industry discounts :) Not only do you get access to the best interior designers at an hourly rate with no markups or hidden fees but you also benefit from huge discounts from major and trade only retailers. Traditionally it’s the industry standard that you might be charged a markup on all your purchases and therefore encouraged to spend more. But as part of our service we take care of ordering, applying our industry discounts and pass the savings directly to you, it's a design service that pays for itself.
Pay for what you need. Only agree and pay for the components that you need. Design and styling packages are completely tailored to you and your project. Each assessed individually and forecasted as such, meaning that you trim the excess and are left with pure design hours.
We are everywhere wherever you are. Literally. We have designers on the ground ready to pounce in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth we are consistently expanding and growing, more brilliant designers joining the team at inCollective. If you happen to be a design seeker outside of our immediate reach we can get to you via video/skype/phone, fancy a FaceTime?
Dedicated service. We provide a committed customer service, that is available by email or phone seven days a week.

Q. What projects do you typically undertake?

From event styling, sourcing and arranging soft furnishings and accessories to full home renovations and extensions, we can do it all. From residential to hospitality to office conversions. Have you opened a bar, but don’t quite have the budget for a full interior design service just yet? That’s fine we get that, we can do styling and accessorising for you in the meantime.
Collectively we’ve designed and styled pretty much every size and kind of interior out there. From dressing venues for a wedding, to designing private homes, townhouses, apartments, cafes, restaurants and bars, offices and exhibition spaces. We've been commissioned for most glam event styling jobs in Sydney.
In-fact, you have probably been to one of our events or worked with one of our designers indirectly.

Q. Can I use inCollective if I don’t live in Sydney?

Yes you can! Whilst we offer In-person interior design services in Sydney and greater surroundings, we also offer consultations and design programme via video chat.
Our online Design services are tailored to you and customised to your project, but the design process happens via video, email, and phone calls. Get in touch to find out more and how we can help you.
In-fact, you have probably been to one of our events or worked with one of our designers indirectly.

The Process

Q. How does it work?

In short the process is the three simple steps.

  1. There's a form. We get to know you, your style and the job at hand. We analyse and match you with an interior designer best suited for your particular needs at this moment in time.
  2. The two of you meet and have a collaborative discussion about your project. During your one-hour consultation, your designer will pay a visit either in person or via video conferencing, to get to know you and your space, help to define your needs and advise on how to move forward.
  3. Then we estimate the amount of hours your project will take and honour that amount through the entire process. The designer works with you to bring the best solution for the scope. If you feel you've got the handle of your own project, post decision making and documenting stage you may decide project manage it yourself. Which is totally fine by us - commit and purchase to what you need to only.

Q. How do I get started?

Start by scheduling your initial consultation here, be sure to include as much information as possible, so we can make most accurate match or feel free to reach out to our customer support with any questions by phone 02 9188 7449.

Q. The one-hour consultation, what's the drill and what to do?

The designer will view the site / your space, and collect information from you. Bring any inspiration images / Vogue magazines / pinterest love / Instagram envy. Any inspiration that is specific to this particular project. Be ready to talk about it with your designer. Share with them as much information as possible in relation to the project and your taste, the more thorough you are at the initial consultation the better picture designer paints about you and your lifestyle to be able customise the space specifically to your needs, ensuring our best to create spaces that are a true reflection of who you are to every minor detail. If there’s something you dislike, be sure to tell them up front that way every minute of designer’s time is spent wisely.

Pricing Explained - what's the cost?

Q. How much is the initial consultation

The initial consultation with your selected designer is complimentary, it's on us!

Q. What are the design fees?

There is a flat hourly rate that is determined by designers’ ranking. The greater their experience in the industry the bigger the dollar. For a straight-line designer, simple projects no bells and whistles, $70 an hour. Intermediate designer, which would suit slightly more complex projects $90 an hour. And if you're going for one of the veterans, with a ton of experience, we are talking the works $150 an hour with a minimum of 10hrs commitment from these aficionados.

Q. What if I found more projects that I need help with and I now need to exceed the agreed hours?

No problem. Give us a call we're here to help. Let's discuss what you're thinking and how we can amalgamate that into the existing works.

Q. Can I buy a block of hours and gift it as a gift?

Sure you can. Here's an example - this is how it works. You're heading to the wedding/birth day/shower party with a glam, unique gift, a sleek personalised card, designed by our in-house-graphic-man. You have generously purchased a block of (let's say) 5 hours for the lucky newlyweds/parents/busy beau. They're stoked, one less thing to think about, here comes a professional to help them set up and organise their nest. The couple get in touch with us, we take the initial brief and we send a competent match to the rescue. The couple and the designer meet for the complimentary consultation and assess whether the works can be completed within the gifted hours? If not all of it then what can be completed within the gift. And if extra hours required how many? Professional Interior Designer as a gift that's inventive.

Q. Credit Card or Direct Deposit?

Either options easy as.

The Designers

Q. Who are the designers and what is the difference between Designer / Intermediate / Senior Designers?

All of our designers are thoroughly selected members of the design community, coming from some of the best institutions and design practices.
Designer has up-to three years of experience, zesty enthusiastic, diligent; an Intermediate Designer has four and above years of experience, knows their biz here to please; and a Senior Designer is an industry expert typically with over eight years of experience in the field, and these guys usually get engaged on larger projects with a minimum 10 hours package.

Q. Why can't I choose a designer myself?

As part of our comprehensive service we'd like to streamline the process for you as much as possible. We dedicate a lot of time and energy identifying our designers individual styles and skill sets. So that when you brief us, you don't have to worry about who/what/where. That's what we're here for to find the right match based on the style, the needs and availability, for your specific situation.
All of our designers are versed in wide array of styles and have experience designing both commercial and residential projects. We send you the best match and make sure your designer builds the perfect space for you.

Q. What if I want to change my designer?

If you feel, you and your designer aren't "speaking the same language", let us know and we’ll get you a different one free of charge!

Reassurance, troubleshooting, a peace of mind?

Q. Awkward. I don’t like my designer’s suggestions.

It’s totally fine, not finding the same page instantaneously, but it needs to be nipped in the butt right away. Be direct. Be honest. Tell your designer "I'm not a fan of black, give me more white." Concise feedback and specific examples of products/imagery that you have on your radar should set the record straight.

Q. Ooops I may have had a change of heart on the original brief.. :/

If you’ve had a change of heart about the direction of the design, please speak up, ask your designer if it’s possible to change the direction with-in the agreed timeframe or whether more time is required, and if so how much more time? It is your home / office / event and we want it to be perfect for you.

Q. What if in general I have some concerns and would like to voice to someone other than my designer?

If you feel, you and your designer aren't "speaking the same language", let us know so we can help! Call us! ??02 9188 7449. Know that you have dedicated service person to talk to and resolve hiccups. Or on the contrary you would like to pass a compliment to your designer - shoot us a line.

About our favourite and trusted suppliers

Q. Who are they?

We have a long list of friends in the design world. They contribute to our value with exceptional quality products and make our job that much more enjoyable.

Q. I’ve got good product and it’s right up your alley. How can you become a partner supplier with inCollective?

Send an email to info@incollective.co and share a little bit about your brand, product, and why you are a good fit for inCollective clients. We especially love discovering unique quality Australian local makers.