We provide access to talented interior designers at attainable, budget friendly prices.


step one

We get to know you

Start by contacting us. Tell us what you need. New home? Small space to refresh? Renovation? Designing a nursery? Furniture update? How can we help? We use these details to find the right interior designer match for you & your interior project. 


step two

Meet your Designer

 Shortly after the initial contact, you will receive an email from us introducing best matched designers to your style and project scope. You then meet for a complimentary consultation with your chosen designer in person or by video, make a plan for how you can work together.


step three

Lock in your time with inCollective

After the consult, look out for a recap from your designer with the suggested number of hours your project will take. Secure your time and continue working with your interior designer/stylist at a flat hourly rate. Simple. No hidden charges. Just straightforward help & collaboration.