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Expert Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

What better time to restyle your home than a long weekend? We asked our inCollective designers for their top tips for simple interior design to transform even the most boring of spaces.


1. Use objects and art that make you happy. This is your home after all. The goal is to create a space that makes you feel good, whether they are trending or not.


2. Go for quirky character over a generic style. One or two unusual pieces in your home not only creates a great talking point, they express things about your personality that generic items cannot. Play around with colour and pattern that compliment, rather than match.

incollective room design styling.jpg


3. Use fresh flowers, succulents and real plants over fakes. Nothing brings more life and vibrancy to a stale interior than some strategically placed plants.


4. Play with heights to create focal points and a visual story. When everything in the room is the same height there is nothing to draw the eye to. Mix it up a little.

incollective interior designer sydney.jpg


5. Remember that less is more. Over accessorising can quickly turn a stylish room into a catastrophe.


6. Consider the rule of threes. Three objects grouped together is more appealing than two or four.


7. Balance for the space you have. Keep small spaces feeling open and large spaces cosy by ensuring you select the right pieces to suit the space. Pay particular attention to the rug.

incollective room styling.jpg


Most importantly: be yourself. These simple tips will help refine your personal style, highlighting the unique qualities that matter to you, whether it be a room designed for work, rest of play. Need some help? Contact one our expert interior designers today.