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How to Choose the Perfect Nursery Room Rug

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You’ve picked out the cot, change table and rocking chair. There’s a mobile swinging from the ceiling, books on the shelf and enough muslin wraps to swaddle all of the babies in Australia. The final touch to making your nursery feel complete is a beautiful rug.  A great rug not only makes your room look finished, it adds a sense of comfort and warmth.

A nursery should be a calm, safe space. Babies sleep better when not overloaded with too many colours or patterns. Newborns love the feel of different soft textures though, so choose a rug that is nice to lay on, but isn’t too overwhelming.  A high-quality, neutral rug is a great investment as they are suited to most styles, which is perfect for when the little one decides to restyle their room in their new favourite colour of the week.

As your babies starts to grow, a pop of colour can be a great way to express their personalities. Look for high-quality rugs that can withstand a lot of wear, but still feel nice underfoot. Having a great rug in your child’s room gives them a place to read, play and unwind. They are naturally drawn to rugs, because the borders provide them with a sense of security and they enjoy snuggling up to cosy textures.

We asked our designers to put together a list of their top ten rugs for your dream nursery.

1. Marle Origami bespoke rug Handwoven, from Armadillo and Co

This rug is fair trade, sustainably made and you can modify the colour and design to suit your room.  

RUG 1 Marle origami Armadillo and Co nursery room, sydney interior design styling.jpg


2. The Nevada Rug from Luumo, in Grey

Crafted by artisans from the highest quality wool blends. We love the hem stitching on this one!

RUG 2 The nevada rug Luumo grey nursery room, sydney interior design styling.jpg


3. Mali rug from The Rug Establishment, in Ivory

With its plaited texture, this rug will bring a contemporary yet cosy feel to your nursery.

RUG 3 Mali The rug establishment nursery room, sydney interior design styling.jpg


4. Kaleidoscope from Tribe Home

For a touch of colour we can’t go past this gorgeous 100% wool rug. A great way to brighten a room without overwhelming it.  And your little one will love the tassel ends.

RUG 4 Kaleidoscope Tribe Home nursery room, sydney interior design styling.jpg


5. Piazza Modica from Halcyon Lake

Felted pure New Zealand wool, these guys have refined the crafting process to make the lowest environmental impact possible. We love this because this rug is reversible and comes in a range of colours. A beautifully textured,  high-quality rug, which would make a perfect addition to any nursery.

RUG 5 Piazza Modica Halcyon Lake nursery room, sydney interior design styling.jpg


6. Jute Bouclé Rug from West Elm, in Platinum

Handwoven from jute, this rug is durable and reversible. Its classic style means this rug can grow with your child, or work in other rooms in your home as your needs change.

RUG 6 RUG 6 Jute Boucle Rug Platinum West elm Nursery room sydney interior design styling.jpg


7. Positano from The Rug Collection

A gorgeous, soft rug in neutral tones to induce a sense of calm in your newborn nursery.

RUG 7 Positano Silver The rug collection nursery room interior sydney design styling .jpg


8. Zane Mini Stripe Rug from Pottery Barn

100% wool, hand tufted and soft underfoot, this a great staple rug that can be adapted to your growing childs needs.

RUG 8 Zane mini Stripe Rug pottery barn sydney interior design styling.jpg


9. Riviera from Designer Rugs

For a touch of glam in your nursery, we can’t go past this stunning rug.  Sleek and contemporary style in an orderly fashion guaranteed.

RUG 9 Riviera Rust Designer Rugs Sydney interior design styling.jpg


10. Nueva Raya Blue from Art Hide

Add a relaxed coastal vibe to an older child’s room with this unique rug. Each rug is made to order and is a great way to add colour and texture to a space.

RUG 10 Nueva Raya Arthide Sydney interior design styling.jpg


When purchasing any of these rugs, don’t forget to also purchase an underlay.

Choosing the right rug for your home is difficult. You need to think about style, comfort and how the rug might be used in the future.  A rug should be adaptable to your changing needs and durable enough to withstand high-traffic from little feet. It is worth taking the time to consult with a designer before making any large purchases. For help choosing your perfect rug, or styling your entire nursery, contact our expert designers today.  We can ensure you get only the best for your baby and your budget.


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