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One room, three budgets

At inCollective, we pride ourselves on matching you to the perfect designer to suit your style and budget.

We recently partnered with some of Sydney’s most stylish suppliers and makers to take on the challenge of styling one room, three different ways, with three different budgets. Take a look at our exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews with the designers to see how they did!


Room One Mid-Century Inner West Dweller

Collectika inCollective collaboration interior design

A smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. For this room, we partnered with renowned retro furniture store Collectika. Designer Umberta worked with the philosophy of sustainability and ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, opting to use quality second-hand vintage pieces, rather than purchasing new. By selecting antiques, Umberta could keep to her budget without compromising on quality or style. To round out the room, Umberta sourced low-cost quality pieces from local small businesses, such as the print from Blue Dog and greenery from Garden Life, as well as working with pre-existing pieces such as the rug, the floor lamp and coffee tables.

Umberta Sustainable Designer Collectika Retro interior design styling Sydney Room Design.jpg

If you wish to style a room with a similar look on a small budget, drop us a line and let us introduce you to a savvy designer. Check out the full-interview with Umberta to learn more about her design inspiration here.


Room 2 Slow Living

Scandinavian interior design Sydney stylist designer OneRoominCollective collaboration

Our Dutch designer Lisanne was in her element with this room. Middle-ground budgets are perfectly suited to interiors seeking a mix of boho-chic and Hygge style, where you can splash out on one or two high-quality pieces, without leaving the room looking bare. Lisanne’s personal style is to work with the feel of the room, working with the pre-existing pieces in the space. This allows her to work with the room, drawing inspiration from her surrounds and adding her own personal flair to it.


For this project, she aimed for a warm, cosy feeling to the room, with positive energy that inspired both work and relaxation. Inspired by her homeland and experience in Australia, Lisanne mixed Scandinavian style with some great pieces from Australian designers, including Luumo’s rattan Egg Chair and Totem Road’s incredible marble coffee table. To spice up the neutral palette, she included standout pieces like Amigos de Hoy’s ‘Joanie Tambourine’. The result is a richly detailed room which combines clean Scandinavian design with a touch of warmth to bring out the overall cosy feeling of the room. This style is becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes, creating multi-functional, practical and inviting spaces.

Totem Road Mirror Garden Life plants interior design styling collaboration inCollective.jpg

To learn more about Lisanne’s inspiration for this room, check out her full interview here.

Scandinavian interior design - roomdesign - sydney - interiorstyling.jpg

Room 3 Eclectic Lifestyle

Eclectic interiordesign - roomdesign - interiorstyling - sydney.jpg

With a bigger budget, the possibilities are near limitless. For this room, we tasked designer Anya with creating a high-end concept interior that reflects a lavish inner-city lifestyle. Anya designs in a unique way, drawing her inspiration from the client, rather than working to a set style. Her philosophy is well suited to high-budget interiors designed to be adaptable to many uses.  With this project, she looked toward herself for inspiration, selecting her favourite pieces from local Australian artists and building the room around them. 

Eclectic living room Darlinghurst interior design interior styling Sydney

Driven by passion rather than precision, the result is a bold and eclectic room, reflecting an urban style typical of inner-city living. A custom deep navy drapes and gorgeous landscape-inspired canvas by David Bottrell sets the palette and mood of the room and are balanced with modern pieces like the beautiful MOD shelving and marble tables from Catapult and the planters on wire stands from Luumo. The plants were strategically selected from Garden Life to bring a sense of life and masculine energy to the space.


To create that touch of high-end luxury, Anya selected pieces that add ambience and comfort, such as the gorgeous Riccami floor lamp from Viabizzuno, a set of Georg Jensen Cobra candleholders and Alessi Noe wine bottle holder.     

Eclectic living room interior design interior styling Sydney

Check out the full-interview with Anya to learn more about her design inspiration here.