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Easter Long Weekend - Autumn Is Here

As the mercury drops from Autumn to Winter, it can be hard finding the energy to effect change in your interiors. If you do, you’ll discover a little comfort can create a well of energy to beat the winter blues. Before the cold becomes too constrictive, consider these eleven ways to winterproof a room: 

Sydney Interior Decorator

1. Plaids/Rugs

While it might seem played out, getting your plaid out is a perfect way to stay warm in the winter weather. You don’t have to compromise design for comfort, as a designer plaid or rug can be stylish as it is snug. Like the Cloud Blanked or Knot Throw from Jardan. At the moment, we adore Art Hide’s gorgeous hides for making our floors feel good while looking fresh. 

Winter Knits
Jardan Oversized Knit

2. Cushions

The ultimate in creature comfort, cushions can transform couches from a simple seat to a sleepy cocoon. To add a little oomph to your living arrangements, take a look at layered textures on cushions and couches. Thick, furry throws and heavy cotton comforters can create the kind of warmth which saves you money on space-heaters. Some of our favourites here, here and here.

West Elm, Pop & Scott, Jardan

3. Perfumed candles

In the dark of winter, a little light goes a long way. Why not save on your electricity bill while practicing a little aromatherapy? Enjoy insta-worthy evenings by candlelight as you capture the mood of the cold from times of old, and enjoy such sensational scents as cinnamon and spice. Some amazing scents from Jo Malone, Diptyque and Neom.

Diptyque Scented Candles

4. Warm lighting

If candles aren’t your kind of thing, can be difficult with small children around, consider warm lighting to wash away the winter grey. A large fixture can bring a lot more than just light into your living space, and they even look lovely in the light of a grey day. 

Sydney Interior Designer
Sydney Interior Designer

5. Lined, heavy drapes

Time to put away the light, flowy curtains of Summer and start blocking out the weather with something darker and thicker and heavier. This will save on heating, and can help your room really come together in the darker weather. Get in touch if you aren't sure where to start with updating your drapes for the winter.

6. Velvet

Velvet is big this season, and for good reason! Not only does this fabric feel fabulous, but it can bring a bit of class to any cold room. You don't have to look far to find gorgeous textured additions to your interior, they are literally everywhere, Andy Sofa, Dining Chairs, Dreamer Couch.

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7. Colour to soften cold days

Surviving the cold season is as much about creating mental comfort as it is physical. Colour can make your mood much better under the burden of winter, and naturally brightens any space in low light. Some of the perfect winter Pantones include Riverside and Dusty Cedar, and you can see how good they look in any room interior.

inCollective Sydney Interior Designer

8. Natural materials

While metal is marvellous in the warmth of summer, wood suits winter much more well. Timber furniture doesn’t feel as frosty in the cold, and can make a room look a little more humble. Right now we love authentic and quality hardwood furniture from Pop & Scott, meaningful & natural pieces from Totem Road, Linen sofas from MCM house.

So while Winter winds its way into your home, consider these tips. If you’d like to look more into making your home more comfy in the coming cold, consider hiring one of our winter-wise interior designers. Before all the warmth is sapped from Sydney, we would love to help with your home styling.

All the best!