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Tips and tricks for decorating small living rooms

A small living room doesn’t have to feel cramped. In fact, it’s easy to make space where there might not be a lot. A small space can be turned into a lovely living room with just a few professional tips. Here are a few of our favourite design ideas for finding the space your small living room lacks.

Small Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

1. Create clean, strong vertical lines

Create the illusion of height by following implied lines in your living room, such as the alignment of your curtains and carpets. This can make your ceiling seem higher, making your living room feel larger.

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2. Engage Your Entire Wall

Paintings, planters, posters and other wall decorations create the appearance of height when you extend them to the ceiling. For tips on layout, lines and other fundamentals of a good gallery wall, take a look at our blog-post on the topic.

Small Living Room - Decorating Ideas
Small Living Room - Styling Tips

3. Hang curtains from the ceiling instead of on top of your window frame

Hanging curtains from the ceiling achieves the illusion of height by playing with our sense of perspective and makes the wall feel larger.

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4. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces

Placing mirrors on walls and over doorways makes your room appear wider and taller, while reflective surfaces (such as a timeless brass table top) gives the room more depth.

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5. Use smaller, multi-functional furniture 

Narrow consoles and shelves work with our expectations of size to create the illusion of space, while multifunctional furniture is a fun way to create space. Multifunctional pieces (such as those pictured above) can also leave your living room open to limitless arrangements.

Best Interior Design Advice on Living Room Decorating

Even the smallest living room can feel spacious with a few clever room ideas. Strong, vertical lines and correct use of curtains can lessen the feeling of a low ceiling, while mirrors and multi-functional furniture can make your space seem much wider.

Engaging your gallery wall will make your ceiling seem higher, while decorating with smaller furniture will widen your space. If you want more inspiration for your interior decorating, or room ideas for your next renovation, check out our Pinterest board or chat with our designers on (02) 9188 7449.


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