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10 Australian Designers & Makers Whom We Love

There’s a lot to love in Australia’s design scene at the moment. From many designers & makers whose incredible work we love, we’ve selected ten that we’re totally smitten with.


Studio Enti Best Australian Designers

1. Studio Enti

Studio Enti is the passion project of Ceramicist Naomi Taplin, who handcrafts simply incredible lighting fixtures and tableware. Naomi aims for function over form, meaning each piece retains the rough edges and imperfections left by her own two hands. If your room ideas revolve around simplicity and authenticity, you simply must see the range of Studio Enti.


2. Gorman

While normally known for their clothes, Gorman is helping bring colour back into our interiors. With a range of patterned pillows, colourful cushions and candles, their range could suit the decor demands of your bedroom or baby room. See the complete range here.


Dinosaur Designs Best Australian Designers

3. Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs guys have totally original outside the box designs to ac. Their iconic pieces are almost experimental in shape, texture and colour, like marble salad-servers and melting side-tables. Even without ordering anything, perusing their cool products should give you all sorts of new design ideas & inspiration. Check out their timeless range here.


Utopia Goods Best Australian Designers

4. Utopia Goods

For fabulous fabrics with a truly Australian touch, you can’t go any further than Utopia Goods. They apply their unique hand-printed designs to a range of furniture and functional pieces, from armchairs to aprons. Decorate your table with a rustic gumnut runner, or your couch with mottlecah cushions from their remarkable range.


These Walls Best Australian Designers
These Walls Best Australian Designers

5. These Walls

If these walls could talk, their words would be beauty. These Walls creates beautiful handcrafted wallpapers perfect for nursery decoration. Inspire your infant with images of animals and calming pastel patterns, or anything else from their incredible range.


Bridget Bodenham Best Australian Designers

6. Bridget Bodenham 

Slightly surreal and always beautiful, Bridget Bodenham’s vases and tableware combine handcrafted ceramics with unique glazes and original art. Already insta-famous, one of her peculiar pieces may be just what your interior design needs. See all of her wonderful wares here.


Beneath The Sun Best Australian Designers

7. Beneath The Sun

Named for where their planters belong, Beneath The Sun specialises in funky flowerpots and colourful creative homewares. If your interior design needs a dash of colour and a splash of sunshine, then this studio might be said to be the best beneath the sun. If you have a nursery or home office hanging out for fun accessories, see their full range here.


The Woodsfolk Best Australian Designers

8. The Woodsfolk

From woodland creature prints to wireframes and woven rugs, everything The Woodsfolk offers feels as nostalgic as it looks modern. A necessity for any nursery, this Melbourne outfit “aims to offer only beautiful things to make the whole family smile”. For fresh furniture and accessories which feel rustic, see their full range here.


Castle And Things Best Australian Designers

9. Castle And Things 

Rachel Castle’s craft covers all sorts of accessories, each bearing her embroidered, sunny style. From linens that light up the bed to art that lightens the soul, Castle and Things could turn any room in your home into a sun room. See her sunny range here.


Cultiver Best Linen Australian Designers

10. Cultiver

Cultivating luxury and comfort in your bed linen is the concept behind Cultiver. Outfitted with exquisite quilts, covers, throws and robes, each piece is made with deep colours and high standards of quality. If you start each day in your bedroom, its design deserves the kind of luxury found in their full range.

We hope you've found this useful & inspiring! 


the inCollective Team