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With many of our friends either expecting or have recently had an addition to their family we are vibing baby moods. With those nesting young parents in mind we’ve put together this post with light interior design advice on nursery room decor ideas. How to translate the childhood feeling into your children's room without being too literal.

Papier Mache Nursery Ideas

Find cool ways to display and hide toys

For organising the chaos that unavoidably occurs in children’s room, look outside of the typical storage box. To display cute books and stuffed animals opt for cool options outside the square with industrial style office organisers / magazine display racks. And to keep the room looking clean and sleek, store away the not-so-cute but still hard-to-part-with toys, in a couple of oversized trunks.

Display Storage

Definitely seek inspiration beyond baby decor

A lot of expecting parents get stuck on what to do with the nursery, when shopping for the room furniture and accessories. But again what helps to get unstuck is looking beyond baby decor options. A gallery wall of animal papier-mâché could be a sleek alternative. Or cultural art for inspiration & tons of colour.

Don’t get stuck on baby only items. Think about longevity and how a piece could evolve with your home as your child gets older. Invest in pieces that you see in other areas of your house.

Nursery Room Ideas

Soft Prints & Wallpaper

Soften the room and keep your baby amused by introducing some quirky prints to the walls or to the ceiling. Here are some non prescriptive prints that we love in a nursery. 

Nursery Room Ideas

As always the main idea is to personalise the room according to your home and individual style. Expecting an addition to your family is always an exciting time. Taking care of organising everything for the arrival of your newborn can be overwhelming.

We are all for innovative gifts to our loved ones, such as the time with an Interior Designer. A couple of hours to get advice on your nursery situation can save a lot of time and put clarity into the decision making. It’s a baby shower gift that really helps the parents in a long run.

Nursery Room Ideas

Thanks West Elm & Domino for the photos!