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How to create a stunning gallery wall for your room

inCollective Gallery Wall Tips

This week we’ve been inspired by gorgeous gallery walls and have created some for our clients. Here’s a quick guide on how to make a stunning gallery wall yourself at home. And this is exactly that only a guide, because there is no right or wrong way of doing it in creativity - it’s a matter of personal taste. Feel free to leave comments and share your own suggestions!

1. Choose artwork in different styles

By choosing different art styles you’ll make the wall more dynamic visually. ie. photography, illustrations, embroidery on linen art or graphic design. We love works by Katie Carmichael , Rachael Castle, Luke & Kate Bordessa of Studio Cockatoo and Kerrie Hess illustrations amongst many . 

Choosing artworks within the same style is not forbidden either, you can introduce variation through textures and maintain a complementing tonality throughout your gallery wall. 

You can choose works that make you feel good or highlight a certain undertone to create the desired mood in the room. A gallery wall is a big part of a room design, it requires individual approach and the know-how where to get the right pieces to complete the puzzle every single time. We love working with our clients and understanding what makes them inspired and finding the art that resonates with them.

inCollective gallery wall tips

2. Select the number of frames

For effortless, cool look select odd number of art pieces, that way you are creating an asymmetrical statement which gives the gallery wall that no-fuss look. And for more formal arrangement an even number of frames, this will create a defined sense of order. This of course will depend on the personal style and the interior design that you have to work with.

3. Frames - mix different sizes and formats

It looks more appealing if the gallery wall is made up of various sizes. Mix of landscape and portrait format with square frames. You can choose 3-4 sizes to operate within. When selecting the frame for each artwork you can manipulate and highlight a particular artwork with a larger frame. Have only one, maybe two, max of large format framed art pieces on your wall as to keep the synergy. Again there are no strict rules with frames other than try to keep to similar thickness to create harmony. At the same time experiment with the material, mix black frames, timber, aluminium. The guys at Charing Cross Photo do an amazing job at framing should you require any custom framing.

4. Follow a line, and keep equal gaps between your frames

The secret to a perfect gallery wall is to make it look effortless without looking chaotic and sloppy - place the frames in clusters but with equal gaps. Create clusters of 3-4 pieces, avoiding obvious cross intersections and then join the clusters together. The trick is to find a common line between each cluster to achieve that perfect, effortless alignment. You are basically working with a puzzle. Also it’s ok to leave a piece on it’s own, not as part of a cluster, a bit of negative space is healthy for a stunning gallery wall. Art needs some breathing space so that it doesn’t ‘feel squashed’ by surrounding walls.

inCollective Gallery Wall Ideas

5. Create a mock up layout

Once you’ve got your art and frames picked out and sorted, measure your wall and then lay the pictures on the floor. By creating this mock up prior to attacking your wall you will make a plan and avoid potentially costly mistakes. At a glance you can see if your composition works or just tweak it as you see fit. The good news is you can tweak it as much as you need to, to achieve the perfect result. 

Have fun, enjoy and share your results by tagging your instagram photos with #inCGallery 

- inCollective team