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Winter Mood Bedroom Styling Rules

Bondi Winter Styling Rules

When it comes to winding down, and even more so in the chilly heart of Sydney winter, the bedroom is the hub of your entire house. A good bed is every bit as important as the nice surroundings we sleep in. So let's take a look at some home decorating suggestions for your favourite room in the house. And how putting these in place can leave you reflective and calm when you play with the right colours, furniture and accessories.


1. The Bed - The Most Important Element

Long and cold winter days take a lot out of us, so it's crucial that whether chilling out or deep in slumber, the bed is quality, comfortable and warm. The bed is the most important element of the bedroom, as it is key to wake up well-rested, present and alert to face the day ahead. 

You want your bed to look and feel beautiful and inviting. Whether your preference is for vintage, period or contemporary, tip is to go for soft overlaying mix of textures with bed linens. If you need a little more help, come and see us. We'll ensure your bed and linen picks compliment the moody bedroom you seek, whilst matching your current interior design scheme and not clashing with your existing elements.


2. The Curtains - Sleep Like a Baby

For the best quality sleep, your room should be as dark as possible, because any light whatsoever can inhibit the secretion of melatonin. For the health benefits alone, it pays to invest into made to measure blackout curtains so that your bedroom becomes the serene paradise it should be. We love working with window treatments because it's another opportunity to add texture to the room & soften the space.


3. The Colour - Easy To Add

The influence of colour on us extends beyond it's aesthetically pleasing effect. The way our brain processes colour can instantly affect our mood. When it comes to the bedroom opt for a cool, calming, relaxing scheme. Such as sage green - the tranquil and stress-relieving 'hero of the day'; lighter plum purples, lavender shades can be restful and warm.

A great way to easily add colour without having to paint the walls in your rental property is through art, especially because you get to take it with you when you buy your first home. Introduce a meaningful palette in your bedroom to sooth you as you wind down to sleep such as Deep Sea by David Bottrell.

Sage Green Colour Trends

The important thing is to listen to yourself and make your bedroom as you see best for your lifestyle. It is the most sacred room in a home, so make it a priority to bring comfort into yours.

Stay warm everyone! 

-inCollective team