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Why (solo) guys are getting into interior design

Men are natural DIY-ers, usually with a dozen of projects in the pipeline. Whilst this may ring true for some, others have come a long way since hammer and saw in the garage days. They recognise that their homes majorly impact their quality of life. They want and strive for good design options in clothes, in interiors, in products they use. So we’ve put together a list of valid reasons why these style-savvy men are so into interior design of late.

Quality Design Is An Investment

Most bachelor pads we’ve seen kind of feel thrown together for the sake of being masculine rather than curated for the man who lives there. A place that has thought and careful curation behind it can certainly add value in years to come. 

Investing in timeless, classic pieces that accentuate your personality and lifestyle will continuously work for you as your lifestyle matures. Have your eye on that classic Eames chair, Twiggy floor lamp or an art piece, brew on it, before rushing out to buy. Shop around and understand what you’re drawn towards.

Classics generally stay valuable throughout their lifetime, and are much nicer to live with than meaningless/temporary purchases which we’ve acquired in our uni-days. And if you need a hand with shopping for that piece, we can help. Because we work by the hour, you can literally take a designer, and get your shop on with confidence. 

Endless inspiration

There’s a significant difference in ‘a nice space’ and a having a professional eye with critical design skills to tailor one for you. A perfect habitat where you will rejuvenate and constantly get inspired can be achieved through collaboration with your designer, whom will personally take care of sourcing all essentials needed to coordinate an inspiring space. 

This part of our work comes down to personalisation, we need to learn what makes you tick. What are your passions, where does that buzzy feeling come from for you. Once we know we get to it to curate a an inspiring space just for you.

Stage is the kitchen

Every guy knows what a sleek kitchen set up does to impress a date. But not every guy knows where to start. Sure you might have help at the grocer to put a mean cheese platter together but what cheese tools do you require? And what do you serve it on, there’s marble, walnut, slate.. what glassware to keep for Pinot, for Sav? Um whiskey glasses?? What does organised utensil draw look like, why would I want napkin rings? 

Well, for starters what are your best specialty dishes, or what do you cook most often and what utensils do you use? Keep those and box away all excess. You see, the key to highly functional organised kitchen is to keep it on point, garnished with a few laconic pieces when it comes to entertaining. Keep your nice marble, copper pieces on display. A box with fresh herbs on the counter. 

Communicating your style and personality in a concise way is hard. And that is why if you’re thinking you need to update your look, you probably do and you should engage a professional. Kick off with a complimentary one-hour consultation to help zero in on specific style preferences and your lifestyle nuances.

An in-depth interview with an inCollective designer to go over details like space aspirations, design preferences, budget concerns and inspirational influences. All the nitty gritty info is then collected to ensure that every aspect of a guy’s craft-beer-loving, surfboard-collecting, soccer-enthusiast personality gets translated into his home design. 

Hope you guys are keeping warm and we'd love to hear from you!