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Decorate for your soul: your home is a true reflection of yourself


1. Opt for green plants and fresh flowers.

Especially in winter when we keep our windows closed most of the time it’s important to have living plants around. Living plants have air-purifying effect, add fresh oxygen and remove toxins from the air. Beyond health benefits fresh flowers are a wonderful way to soften and add life to any space. 

2. Indulge your senses.

Introduce in your home fur or large knit throws, soft luxurious textiles, delicious fragrance candles, your favourite art and inspiring coffee table books. Engage your senses by closing your laptop and shutting off the TV, create some space for yourself.

3. Your lighting is key

Artificial light throws your natural body rhythm off at night, restore the balance and set the scene with some mood lighting elements in your home. Floor and table lamps over general lighting, have dim-able lights and of course luxurious candles.

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4. Work life balance.

Whether it is from time to time or full time a fact of modern life for many of us is that we do work from home. Defining your spaces as such, and creating emotional contrasts between those spaces will go far toward preserving your balance and sanity. 

5. Morning ritual: make the bed.

Invest into some beautiful organic linens for your bed, turn bed making into a routinely easy, no fuss exercise. There’s something to be said for taking a moment to straighten out those covers. Particularly first thing in the morning gives you a sense of order and will set the beat for your whole day.  

6. Evening ritual: set the table.

Putting the time and the effort into making your own meals shouldn't stop just there. No matter what's for dinner, making the point of setting the table with cloth napkins, brass cutlery and candles signifies the process and makes us slow down and appreciate the meal even more so.