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Spring Blooms

Flower arrangement

It’s that time of year again.

Spring has arrived,  summer is on the horizon, and the fresh blooms are bountiful. If you’re ready to get rid of all things winter, and embrace the new season, welcoming fresh flowers to your home is a great start. Not only are they a cost-effective and colourful way to add vibrancy to your home, but they create an instant mood. Your garden doesn’t need to be the only place where spring blooms get to thrive!

We spoke to the professionals at our local favourite Flower shop Petal and Fern who create beautiful arrangements and they shared their top 3 Spring Favourites!

Anemones' bold colours and striking black centres make them an absolute showstopper. You can mix them with other gorgeous spring blooms like ranunculus, but they look equally beautiful in a vase on their own.

Humble daffodils and jonquils really deserve some extra attention. These days you can buy them in different shades of yellow, orange, peach, cream and these different types look beautiful when arranged together.

The season for blushing bride proteas starts in winter and continues until about mid-October. These white and pink flowers have a beautiful, delicate texture yet are surprisingly tough, making them a favourite for both weddings and long-lasting vase arrangements.

PetalandFern_2018lowres-35 (1).jpg

We couldn’t agree more! Personally, I try and bring home a fresh bouquet at least once a week, and over the years have narrowed it down to a few favorite types of flowers. If you’ve ever visited our office, you’ll know we’re a big fan!

Here’s my shortlist of things to consider when buying for friends, clients, and even myself.

1. Beautiful Disasters

There are a few standout bouquets that are high maintenance and have the potential to stain your soft furnishings such as materials and carpets. Lilies are the number one culprit. Their beautiful petals will naturally drop along with the center of the lily (stamen) which contains the pollen aka messy bit. If these are your fave (I don’t blame you) you can carefully pluck the pollen from each of the stamens, but make sure you don’t allow the pollen to touch the petals. This will help you avoid the mess that they make, and can also help your flowers last longer! Roses are another variety that tends to lose their petals quickly and can make a bit of a mess, although they are easier to clean up. Worth it if you have the time to take care of them.

2. Hay Fever

If you struggle with hay fever, we feel for you. Spring is hay fever season, and you certainly don’t want to welcome that into your house. Pollen is the main cause of hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis which can result in uncomfortable reactions such as a runny nose, coughing, hives, and itchy eyes. If this sounds like you, then it’s best you avoid Daisies, Baby’s Breath, Sunflowers, Dahlias, and Gerbers. They pack a big punch and will not help with your allergy issues. For you, we would recommend Hydrangeas, Begonias, and Orchids. If you’re hypersensitive to flowers, a cactus is always safe! 

Orchid Interior Design Styling

3. Long Lasting

Fresh is best! Although, some time’s it nice to enjoy your bouquet for more than one week. The classic blooms that have a shorter shelf life include Dahlias, Gladioluses, and Daffodils. If you’re wanting something that lasts a little longer than I would suggest exploring Australian Natives,  Delphiniums, Chrysanthemums, and Zinnias. In fact, Zinnias can last up to 24 days if they are taken care of properly. If you notice they’re thirsty and the water level is running low, top it up. Make sure you change your water daily so that it stays fresh- you’ll find that they can last for 3-4 weeks!

Daffodils and jonquils (1).jpeg

4. Scent

When it comes to choosing your floral essence, it’s a personal decision. You don’t want to overpower your home with a smell you don’t necessarily like. If you’re wanting a fragrance-free arrangement, try the Calla LilyHibiscus, or some beautiful Orchids. If you do love being welcomed by the gorgeous smell of flowers, there are plenty of options! From sweet-smelling Hyacinth to soothing-scented Lavender- these flowers will waft floral scents around your house! Lilacs are one of the great joys of spring and have a vintage aesthetic and soft, sweet smell. You’ll also find that Peonies look as pretty as they smell! Their fragrance can range from sweet and rosy to spicy and citrusy (peonies are a personal favourite of mine). The Gardenia also offers a very distinctive smell and is a popular choice in perfumes and candles. They are a little more delicate, and will make your house smell like spring on the inside! 

Interior Styling Flowers
Interior Styling Flower Arrangements

5. Aesthetics

If you’re a creature of habit and want to maintain a consistent aesthetic in your design, you’ll need to consider your color scheme. You can add a bouquet for a pop of colour, or if that’s not your style perhaps try a gentle arrangement that’s light and soothing. If that still doesn’t suit your design, you can never go wrong with a large green native bunch! There are no rules around mixing and matching different types of flowers- why not try a couple of different styles?  We love helping our clients come up with the perfect floral colour scheme. You can even go grand, and have a feature installation! It’s important that you don’t match your flowers to your interiors, but rather complement them. We think that if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture, then it’s best to work with a professional stylist...and don’t forget to buy a nice vase while you’re at it. Your vessel is part of the bouquet, and there are many options out there that will add a nice finish to your arrangement.

Styling Flowers Blooms
Bedroom Styling Flowers

And as for placement, the best place to station your flowers is in the room you spend the most time in. Life is short, treat yourself to the simple things, and for us- flowers are up there on the list.  Let us know your favourite bloom below! 

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