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Gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts

This Sunday, spoil your Mum with the must-have accessories and pieces of this season.

Top Quality Trays

Any Mum will tell you that the best Mother’s Day starts with breakfast in bed. Any designer will tell you that the best breakfast in bed starts with a beautiful tray. Even after Mother’s Day, a tray can create a range of looks in any room. These are four that feature a blend of aesthetic and industrial materials, making them both practical and attractive. 

1 - Fishs Eddy Gilded Cafe Mirror Tray 
2 - Terrazzo Tray 
3 - Zakkia Concrete Tray 
4 - Deco Handle Tray

Jewellery Boxes

Hopefully your Mum already has a nice collection from Mother’s Days past, so why not give her an attractive piece to put them in? These boxes boast beautiful, clean cut designs that enhance the appearance of the jewellery they hold. Each are made with a mix of classic and modern materials, making them as timeless as your mother’s favourite pieces. 

1 - Brass Inlay Marble Decorative Boxes
2 - Behr & Co. Marble Jewellery Tray in Nero
3 - Set of Three Nesting Trinket Boxes
4 - EXCLAIMED KATE Jewellery Box
5 - Glass Wall-Mounted Shadow Boxes


Let your Mum know that she lights up your world by giving her a gift that lights up hers. Even outside of blackouts, these beautiful candles make a bold statement (and are their own form of aromatherapy).

1 - Lup Candleholder from Hay
2 - Heima Four-Armed Candleholder
3 - A Oriental Diffuser
4 - Faceted Lanterns
5 - Four Candle Belt by Wirth
6 - Grasil Candleholder

Vases and Pots

No Mother’s Day is complete without flowers, and no flowers are complete without beautiful vases like these! Combining old-fashioned materials with modern minimalism, these pots pack a lot of character while keeping the focus on the flowers.

1 - Nordstjerne Glass Vases with Matt Brass Stands
2 - Spun Metal Standing Planter
3 - Glass Test Tube Vase with a Cement Structure
4 - Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters

Coffee Table Books and Storage

Aside from cards, we’re sure your Mum’s itching to read a few good books. Here are a few of our own suggestions, as well as attractive pieces to store them in & hold them up.

1 - Striped Marble and Wood Bookend
2 - Kristina Dam Black Book Keeper
3 - Indoor Green: Living With Plants
4 - 100 Interiors Around The World
5 - Lind DNA Magazine Holder, Nupo Anthracite

Must-Have Accessories

These little gifts would make any Mum happy, and give any room a lot of character. Due to their size, we’re sure they’ll fit anywhere in your Mum’s home. Due to their timeless design, we’re sure your Mum will want them everywhere in her home.

1 - The Dots Coat Hook Set in Oak
2 - 2017 Black Pony Hair Leather Diary
3 - Wireless Speaker Tube
4 - Stendig Calendar
5 - Cork Cone
6 - Wooden Hand
7 - Double Sided Black Mirror
8 - Time by Hay
9 - Felt Mantel Clock

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there,

From inCollective